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Push the boundaries of the imagination, master your creative skill and become the creator of unique looks.

Class includes 13 video lessons + BONUS Facechart Template + Booklet with tips and tricks + BONUS lesson Facechart Asian Face + Facechart Drag Queen.




Welcome to the next level in makeup artistry, come expand your technical knowledge and creative skills.

Create from scratch some mind-blowing looks using your own makeup products. You will learn the entire process to develop creative concepts of amazing editorial looks, and tap into your creativity like never before.

Learning to paint Facecharts opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It’s like having a blank canvas where you can experiment, design, and bring your wildest makeup ideas to life. With each stroke of your brush, you’ll discover a limitless realm of creativity waiting to be explored.

What will you learn:

The makeup industry is constantly evolving, and being at the forefront of trends is essential for success. Facecharts allow you to experiment with new techniques, explore emerging styles, and stay ahead of the curve. By incorporating the latest trends into your Facechart creations, you position yourself as an innovative and forward-thinking artist.

You will learn all the techniques necessary to start creating your own looks, from skin shading and shaping, to eye colouring, eyebrow painting and makeup application.

Within the classes, you’ll discover:

  • The products you need to create Facecharts
  • How to use colours and embellishments to develop new looks
  • Create 3D effects – skin, eyeshadow, lips and more
  • Better understand how to use colours (highlight, contour, shade, tint, tones)
  • Develop your colour matching skills
  • Find inspiration to create something new
  • Use a framework to develop new looks

Master your makeup artistry skills by learning new techniques and gain hands-on experience in all makeup fields. Explore your art in a unique way through facecharts!



The Facechart journey

Why I learnt to facechart and why should you


The theory

This module includes 6 lessons:

  • Colour Theory I & II– the basics of colour theory & colour interaction: creating new looks using the colour theory
  • The paper – what paper to use for painting facecharts
  • Products – what products to use dry and wet products.
  • Finding Inspiration – how to come up with amazing ideas
  • Creative Process – using a framework to create your looks


FACECHART – The Practice

This module includes 6 lessons:

  • The skin – Creating a 3D skin for your facechart
  • The Bling – working with glitter on facechart
  • The Glossy – creating a high gloss looks
  • Sweet Composition – product composition to achieve a high-end editorial look
  • Strawberries and Cream – create a look with cream effect
  • Flare – think outside the box and create a look with embellishments


BONUS Facechart Lessons

This module includes 2 lessons:

  • Drag Queen Facechart – developing a drag makeup look
  • Asian Facechart – working on a facechart with Asian features.


BONUS Editorial Makeup Lessons

This module includes 5 lessons recreating the facechart looks:

  • Sweet composition – product composition to achieve a high-end editorial look
  • Flare – Think outside the box and create a look with embellishments
  • The Bling – working with glitter
  • Strawberries and Cream – create a look with cream effect
  • The Glossy – create a high gloss editorial look


BONUS Theory Lessons

This module includes 2 lessons:

  • Makeup Coktailing – Learn tips and tricks to mix products and create something unique
  • Creative concept – Learn tips and tricks to develop a strong creative concept



Luana Bickel is a creative and passionate Makeup Director & Pro Artist, based in Sydney.

Luana completed a short course at an elite makeup school in Sydney and the rest is history. She has worked in the fashion and beauty industry for over a decade. For more than 10 years, she has perfected her craft through extensive experience in working fashion shows, at photo shoots, for runways and at a wide range of high-end events. Luana’s unique perspective and ability to think beyond what appears to be possible, has gained her a reputation as a highly skilled and sought-after makeup artist across with her work being published in print media and online, both locally and internationally. With impeccable attention to detail and a desire to push the boundaries, Luana has worked for commercial and fashion clients ranging from Morrissey, Bec & Bridge and LG. Not only a fashion artist, she also brings her skills and expertise to our television screens, having worked with a range of media clients including Channel 9, Foxtel and Sky Racing.

Luana brings fresh, fun and fashion together and keeps her finger firmly on the pulse of new trends as she works closely with fashion photographers, models and stylists. She is able to bring the magic of makeup to any platform, with a strong flair for creative makeup focusing on her fashion, beauty and editorial skillset. Luana creates anything and everything, from an understated, natural look to the most exquisite makeup experiences for fashion shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

  • Makeup artists wanting to gain new skills and techniques
  • Aspiring Makeup Artists with a flair to creative makeup
  • Artists seeking more experience in the editorial world.

Do I need to be a Makeup Artist to take this course?

No! this course if for anyone who loves Makeup and editorial looks. It is a bonus if you have a good understanding in Makeup prior to starting.

How long will I have access to the course?

Once you sign up for the course, you will have access for 12 months from the day of purchase.

Can I get a Refund?

I am sorry to hear that you don’t feel like this course is the perfect fit for you! If you would like to request a refund please get in touch with us within 7 days of purchase.

Dive into the world of makeup artistry with our Facechart + Editorial Makeup course.

Ready to Unleash Your Creativity?

From mastering colour theory to creating stunning editorial looks, this course is your ticket to unlocking endless possibilities.