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Where imagination has no limits

Ever wondered how to come up with unique creative ideas?

Creativity is the ability we have to create, produce, and invent something new, to transform situations and innovate things through the way we act. Creativity can come and go if you don’t give enough attention and nourish the ideas that come to mind. Let your creativity run wild and tap into your intuition to create something unique that represents the artist within you.

At Luana Bickel Creative Studio, we believe that creativity is not just about artistic expression; it's a fundamental aspect of human experience that can profoundly impact every facet of our lives. From igniting inspiration to cultivating innovation, our workshop explores the multiple ways creativity enriches both personal and professional domains.

Wellbeing through Creativity

Creativity is more than a skill; it’s a wellness practice. Engaging in creative activities has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase positive emotions, and promote mental clarity. In our workshop, we explore how tapping into your creative potential can serve as a powerful tool for self-care and resilience, enabling you to navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and vitality.

Self-Expression and Leadership

Explore the intersection of self-expression and leadership as you unleash your creative potential. Through activities focused on self-expression through color, collaborative problem-solving, and cultivating creative rituals, you’ll gain valuable insights into how creativity can elevate both your personal and professional life.

Elevating Professional Performance

Creativity isn’t just beneficial for artists; it’s a cornerstone of success in the workplace. Our workshop explores how integrating creative practices into your professional life can enhance problem-solving skills, cultivate innovation, and boost productivity. 

Cultivating Group Creativity

Creativity thrives in collaborative environments. Our workshop offers tailored activities and exercises designed to cultivate group cohesion, inspire collective ideation, and harness the synergistic power of shared creativity. 


The Creative Workshop focuses on the creative process, facechart design, makeup design, makeup application, or a combination of them all. Luana will share her wisdom on how to tap into your creative intuition and allow yourself to explore new ways of thinking. Through the course of the workshop, you will be given the tools you need to find your state of flow while creating your mastery.

Unlock the full potential of creativity to enrich your life, empower your team, and cultivate a culture of innovation and wellbeing. Join us at Luana Bickel Creative Studio – Creative Workshop and embark on a transformative journey towards unleashing your creative potential.

During the workshop,

you will learn:

  • Ways to overcome creative blocks
  • Ways to develop new creative concepts
  • How to explore new products, textures, and colour combinations
  • Develop creative problem-solving solutions
  • Self-Expression through the use of colour
  • Be creative in a collaborative environment
  • How creativity can boost your leadership skills
  • Set creative rituals to help you achieve mastery in your personal and professional life
  • Find inspiration everywhere you go


Luana Bickel is a creative and passionate Makeup Director & Pro Artist, based in Sydney.

Luana has worked in the fashion and beauty industry for over a decade. For more than 10 years, she has perfected her craft through extensive experience in working fashion shows, at photo shoots, for runways and at a wide range of high-end events. Luana’s unique perspective and ability to think beyond what appears to be possible, has gained her a reputation as a highly skilled and sought-after makeup artist across with her work being published in print media and online, both locally and internationally. With impeccable attention to detail and a desire to push the boundaries, Luana has worked for commercial and fashion clients ranging from Morrissey, Bec & Bridge and LG. Not only a fashion artist, she also brings her skills and expertise to our television screens, having worked with a range of media clients including Channel 9, Foxtel and Sky Racing.

Luana brings fresh, fun and fashion together and keeps her finger firmly on the pulse of new trends as she works closely with fashion photographers, models and stylists. She is able to bring the magic of makeup to any platform, with a strong flair for creative makeup focusing on her fashion, beauty and editorial skillset. Luana creates anything and everything, from an understated, natural look to the most exquisite makeup experiences for fashion shows.


Whether you're planning a corporate event, team-building activity, or leadership retreat, our Creative Workshop provides a dynamic platform for cultivating creativity and connection among participants.
Whether you are looking for an engaging activity for your team, hosting a retreat, want to assist your team with arts therapy, or just love makeup and face chart painting, this is for you. Luana's workshops are designed for anyone who wants to unleash their creativity and creative thinking.

If this sounds like you….

Enlighten your path to creativity and give yourself permission to achieve your creative goals and develop creative habits while being open to new creative possibilities. The workshops are hands-on and allow you to be in touch with your creative self and enjoy the creative journey whether you are designing facecharts or creating some unique makeup looks.

Luana’s workshops are tailored specifically for each group to provide them with the best outcome.

Ready to unleash your creative potential? Get in touch with us today to learn more about our workshop offerings and how we can customize a program to suit your group's needs and objectives. Together, let's ignite the spark of creativity and thrive both individually and collectively.