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About Our Studio

Welcome to Luana Bickel Creative Studio, the ultimate destination for Commercial, Editorial & Creative beauty experiences.

Providing you with incredible insights into the power of makeup artistry, at Luana Bickel Creative Studio, you’ll have the opportunity to explore, indulge and experience the absolute magic of makeup and activate your intuition to tap into your inner artist’s creativity.

Developed by International Makeup Artist Luana Bickel, this platform has been designed to provide you with access to the most incredible range of Creative, Editorial and Commercial beauty services and education. You’ll be able to enhance your skills, and be in touch with yourself as you explore unique Creative Makeup Designs, give yourself permission to learn new skills with our Creative Editorial Makeup Classes, experience the impact professional Facecharts can have on your brand and business, as well as indulge your senses as you delight in the portfolio of unique, high end and vibrantly energetic Commercial, Editorial and Creative work which Luana has waved the magic of her makeup brush across!

Luana Bickel Creative Studio is the result of years of ongoing training, development, industry exposure and experience. Here, Luana brings together her passion for beauty, education, espirituality and creative expression and provides the opportunity for you to unleash your inner artist , reconnect with your inner child and overcome creative blocks by tapping into your intuition to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions by activating your imagination.

Offering a curated collection of courses and classes, exclusively designed by Luana, this platform brings her skillset together and makes them available to the wider community and makeup artistry collective. Providing gorgeous experiences that will guide and explore the use and application of a vast array of makeup skills, face charts and creatively explosive high-end fashion and editorial designs, this platform has been made for everyone who is ready to think outside the box and create without restriction.

Luana Bickel Creative Studio was established to provide you with access to the makeup experiences of your dreams.

Whether you’re a professional Makeup Artist looking to expand and perfect your existing skillset, an aspiring artist who is looking to push the boundaries of creative possibility, a business seeking a Professional Makeup Artist to design custom looks for your next campaign or even a beauty brand wanting the perfect Face Charting experience to connect with your consumer, this is the place where you’ll find what you need.


Luana Bickel is a creative and passionate Makeup Director & Pro Artist, based in Sydney.

Luana completed a short course at an elite makeup school in Sydney and the rest is history. She has worked in the fashion and beauty industry for over a decade. For more than 10 years, she has perfected her craft through extensive experience in working fashion shows, at photo shoots, for runways and at a wide range of high-end events. Luana’s unique perspective and ability to think beyond what appears to be possible, has gained her a reputation as a highly skilled and sought-after makeup artist across with her work being published in print media and online, both locally and internationally. With impeccable attention to detail and a desire to push the boundaries, Luana has worked for commercial and fashion clients ranging from Morrissey, Bec & Bridge and LG. Not only a fashion artist, she also brings her skills and expertise to our television screens, having worked with a range of media clients including Channel 9, Foxtel and Sky Racing.

Luana brings fresh, fun and fashion together and keeps her finger firmly on the pulse of new trends as she works closely with fashion photographers, models and stylists. She is able to bring the magic of makeup to any platform, with a strong flair for creative makeup focusing on her fashion, beauty and editorial skillset. Luana creates anything and everything, from an understated, natural look to the most exquisite makeup experiences for fashion shows.

As well as her Creative Studio, Luana is also the brains behind the brush at ‘Brushy’, The Makeup Studio On Wheels. The Brushy Team are committed to bringing beauty and education to the everyday woman, providing them with the ultimate pamper experiences as they discover how to embrace and enhance their own natural beauty.

Luana works with brands, businesses and individuals to provide quality education and unique makeup experiences that excite, invigorate and illuminate.

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