The Power of Makeup

Social media today is full of makeup gurus everywhere telling us how to get the perfect look or how to look like the model on the magazine. Makeup has become a very trendy thing and everyone seems to have that need to use it, and buy everything new that comes in the market.


But, what is Makeup?


My research tells me, makeup is a cosmetic(s) used to enhance or alter the appearance.


It is scientific proven that makeup gives you more confidence, you feel better with yourself and the way you look therefore it gives you more confidence. It is about feeling comfortable with yourself, look beautiful but naturally. When it comes to makeup less is always more.


Makeup is an art. Is a form of expression and people should use it to highlight all the good features they have. Don’t wake up in the morning thinking ‘you need to put your face on’ because that is not what is all about. It is about making you look good and feel better.


Makeup is such a powerful tool and should be used wisely. If you have spare time, watch this video from Nikkie Tutorials, she is a very talented makeup artist and shows exactly how powerful makeup is.