Making your lipstick matte

When you are wearing a specific look and feel the shiny or glossy lips don’t go well with what you are wearing there is a little trick you can do to mattify your lipstick.



If you only have shinny colours don’t worry. There are ways around it to make your lipstick matte and durable. There are two techniques that can be used one is to use blotting paper. Same blotting paper you would use to soak up the moisture and/or oil from your skin you can use on your lips without removing the pigment.



Another technique is to use powder. Firstly apply the lipstick of your choice and remove the excess using a tissue. Apply a little bit of powder evenly on your lips. Press your lips together and clean any excess. If need reapply the lipstick and proceed with the powder application once more. Be careful when using translucent powder as they can reflect in photographs.



About Luana Bickel

Luana Bickel Makeup Artist and Hairstylist Born and raised in Brazil, Luana made her big move to Australia in 2006. With extensive experience in the Education and Training Industry she felt it was time for a new challenge. She discovered her passion for makeup not long after moving to Sydney and started taking seriously in the past few years. Since studying Bridal Makeup Course at Cameron Jane, Luana has gained extensive experience in the fashion industry through fashion shows and events such as Makeup Artist at Hair Expo, She can DJ competition, Shekudo launch fashion show. Professionally trained Luana keeps up to date with new trends and works closely with fashion photographers, models and stylists. With a major focus on high fashion, beauty and glamour Luana uses high end makeup brands such as MAC, Estee lauder, Dior, Chanel, NARS to name a few, she creates anything from a natural look, to the most exquisite makeup looks for fashion shows.