Luana Bickel

Nick Knight assignment

Today I had the pleasure to work again with the amazing Melissa Robinson from Forever Seen, who is currently studying a Mastered course with Nick Knight. This course teaches the ins and outs of the fashion photography industry from the top leaders in fashion. The brief for the shoot was […]

Making your lipstick matte

When you are wearing a specific look and feel the shiny or glossy lips don’t go well with what you are wearing there is a little trick you can do to mattify your lipstick.     If you only have shinny colours don’t worry. There are ways around it to […]

The Power of Makeup

Social media today is full of makeup gurus everywhere telling us how to get the perfect look or how to look like the model on the magazine. Makeup has become a very trendy thing and everyone seems to have that need to use it, and buy everything new that comes […]


After years of hot conversations about highlight and contour and everyone trying to nail the technique, forget the contour. What everyone is talking about now is STROBING.   But, what is strobing?   This technique is defined by using light to define your features. It gives you a fresh and […]

Highlight and Contour

  I often get questions about how to contour and highlight a face, so I thought I’d share I how do this technique. When it comes to highlight and contour less is always more. While Kim Kardashian has a flawless skin with great highlight and contour, it doesn’t mean in […]